mardi 1 juillet 2008

X comme X

ABC Wednesday est consacré cette semaine à la lettre X.
Quelques utilisations du x sur les anciennes maisons de Troyes.
Some x on old half-timbered houses in Troyes.
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6 commentaires:

esnorway a dit…

nice x good shoots to

Denise a dit…

Amazingly Artistic and Available!

me ann my camera a dit…

Wonderful designs that you found X's in! Lovely old buildings.

AphotoAday a dit…

Great use of the X, both for structure and decoration.
Hope you are enjoying a great X day.

John a dit…

Great shots and choise for the letter.

Louis la Vache a dit…

eXcellent choices! Troyes is a perfect place to find the X with all the half-timbered buildings there!

"Louis" is buried deeper than his cowbell in a work project for the next several weeks. He will stop and visit, but may not stay long enough to 'sign the guest registry'.