lundi 18 août 2008

Fleurs de Troyes

Quelques fleurs à Troyes ce matin.
Cosmos, canat, un bain de fleurs dans la fontaine Argence et petit-déjeuner avec les fleurs Marimekko.
Some flowers in Troyes this morning.
Plus de photos de fleurs sur le blog Today's flower.
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Cátia a dit…

les fleurs sont très belles! J'aime toutes les photos! elles sont tout simplement fantastiques

LeenaM a dit…

And this is also very good idea!
I have to think this next week, when I will be back at home again.

As an answer of your question, we have only one or perhaps two mosquitoes these days any more :)

Beautiful flowers you have there!

Eduardo P L a dit…

4 photos of Flowers! (;-)

Maria a dit…

Nice captures!

Kerri a dit…

These are lovely!

Kahshe Cottager a dit…

Lovely flowers and I recognize some of them from my own garden. Especially lovely are the flower-children enjoying their meal at the flowered table!
My Flower Here

dot a dit…

My favorite are the white ones in the first photo. Beautiful!

April a dit…

A splendid post! Lovely pictures of all your wonderful flowers - the last one of the children is especially precious.

fishing guy a dit…

Very nice flowers photos today and the children must be the flowers of your life.

Old Wom Tigley a dit…

A great set of flowers pictures ..

Mine is Here


Tous les photos sont trés joli!

Je suis enchanté avec les fleurs!
Je veux vous remercier pour votre appui aux TODAY'S FLOWERS.
Il est trés important pour moi!
J' attand votre post tous les semaines.


Christy a dit…

Beautiful flowers, I especially like the first photo.

Denise a dit…

The flowers are all very beautiful children and an eternal charm.

Abraham Lincoln a dit…

I really liked your flower photographs and am happy you included the flowers in their youth in the group. Nice photos.

Well, I just joined Luiz Santilli Junior's flowers group and planted some flowers and they are already in bloom at my new blog, Thunder Maker.

It looks like I am going to have to try and catch up with everyone. So many blogs to stop at and make comments.

My Flowers

Abraham Lincoln

Daniel J Santos a dit…