mardi 4 novembre 2008

P comme photographie, President and Pride





P comme photographie. Quelques photographies d'appareils historiques.

P for photography. Some pics of old cameras.
P also for President and Pride. Thanks to The USA for this great lesson today, the election of Obama !

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6 commentaires:

uncleawang a dit…

Something interesting here with your post of letter'P'.Great choice & Thanks for sharing.

Miss_Yves a dit…

Images du passé, scoop du présent, présage d'un avenir prometteur !
miss Yves

DeeJay a dit…

good subjects

AphotoAday a dit…

Oh yeah, what ever happened to stereo cameras -- I guess they're still around...

ALAIN a dit…

Le "Physiographe", c'était un peu coquin, non ?

Bear Naked a dit…

As a member of the ABC Wednesday team, I thank you for participating this week.

Bear((( )))