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Etienne Cabet 1788-1856


Sépulture Etienne Cabet
Wilbur park
Saint Marcus cemetery
Saint Louis (Missouri)

Birth: Jan. 1, 1788, France
Death: Nov. 7, 1856
Saint Louis
St. Louis County
Missouri, USA

French lawyer, philosopher, writer, utopian socialist, founder of the Icarian movement. Born in Dijon, France to Claude and Francoise Berthier Cabet. Trained as a lawyer, Cabet established a letter of opposition to the "Republican Monarchy" of Louis Phillippe, publishing two inflammatory articles. Charged with treason, imprisoned and convicted as a traitor for conspiring an overthrow was sentenced to five years exile in England.
While in England, he married Delphine Lasage. the mother of his only known child and wrote a novel. Greatly influenced by Sir Thomas More, Francois Marie Charles Fournier and Robert Owen, Cabet' wrote "Voyage En Icaria", a utopian, romantical, fictitional diary which people received enthusiastically.
Hoping to establish "Icaria" in Texas, Cabet sent his First Advance Guard to the United States in 1848, only finding they had been swindled and the surviving few unsuccessfuly returned to New Orleans, Louisiana in 1849 where Cabet had recently arrived from France.
Cabet, then proceeded to Nauvoo, Illinois with his followers after hearing of land and homes. which had been abandoned by the Mormons and could be purchased by paying back taxes.
Discontent plagued the Icarians, causing the group to split into the Majority and the Minority. Those chosing to follow Cabet, called themselves "Cabetists" and in November of 1856 Cabet arrived in St. Louis, Missouri with a group of his followers. Within days, Cabet was stricken with a stroke and died.
Originally buried in Old Picker's Cemetery. His remains were removed to Saint Marcus Cemetery, Saint Louis, Missouri, when Picker's Cemetery was removed for the building of Roosevelt High Schoo.
His stone was erected with the help of the French Embassy.
Cabet was responsible for the founding of seven Icarian Colonies; Denton County, Texas, Nauvoo, Illinois, Cheltenham, Missouri, Adams County, Iowa splitting into(Young Icaria and New Icaria), and Cloverdale, California.
The Adams County, Iowa Icarians disbanded in 1898, the last existing Icarian community.
Cabet's other writings are "Histoire populaire de la Révolution française" (4 vol., 1839-40), "Colonie icarienne aux États-Unis d'Amérique" (1856), and "Le vrai Christianisme suivant Jésus Christ" (1846).

Note: Buried: 11/27/1906
New Saint Marcus Cemetery and Mausoleum
Wilbur Park
St. Louis County
Missouri, USA

Birth: Jan. 1, 1788, France
Death: Nov. 7, 1856
Saint Louis

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Malyss a dit…

Nous y voila, inspiré par Thomas More, et a la poursuite d'une utopie, rattrapé par la realité, les mesententes, et les taxes à payer..
N'empêche, du coup , quel destin!