dimanche 2 décembre 2012

Pierre Bouteiller, maître de chapelle à Troyes


Partition du 13ème motet de Pierre Bouteiller qui fut maître de chapelle à Troyes,
à Châlons sur Marne avant de se rendre à Paris  à la fin du XVIIème siècle.

Pierre Bouteiller (c.1655 - 1717), a French composer. Little is known of this composer: born around 1655, he began as a maître de chapelle in Troyes before moving on to Paris as “a player of the viol and other musical instruments.” He left only thirteen petits motets and a requiem mass, collected by Sébastien de Brossard. The traditional, sober and sometimes austere polyphonic writing of the masses by Cosset and Bouteiller contrast nicely with both the plainsong and the enticing, occasionally Italianate inflections found in the petits motets by French musicians of the time.
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Extrait du requiem de Pierre Bouteiller

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