mercredi 1 octobre 2008

Troyes hier et aujourd'hui : Saint-Urbain

L'église Saint-Urbain, la place de la Préfecture vue du Jardin du Préan. Une gravure de Harold Carl GEYER "aquafortiste" américain. Une photo récente.
The church Saint-Urbain, the square of "the Préfecture" seen from the Jardin du Préau. En etching by Harold C GEYER American artist. A pic today.

Harold C. Geyer, Jr (1905 - 2005)

Harold C. Geyer, Jr. was born in Cold Spring, New York. He was an etcher and author. Mr. Geyer, a Chillmark resident, combined a variety of talents to create illustrated books including "All Men Have Loved Thee: A Song of France" and "The Long Way Home." An elected associate of the National Academy of Design, Mr. Geyer, who received a master's of fine art in architecture from Yale University, was a painter, photographer, and poet. Many of his etches are on display in national collections in Washington and Paris. Mr. Geyer's love of travel took him across Europe and North and South America.

He married Ina Helen Doane in 1949 and the two lived in New York and Martha's Vineyard.

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